What did Mark go?

Something to remember: Ones a child, on the solo performances of the KVN team, asked the question "Where are Marc Chagall?". On the next time, when he repeat question, he was asked - "What did Mark go"... (note: it's just russian wordplay) Hall "exploded" with laughter, the team response are no longer required...

One of the projects in development which I took part, it's - information project "Marc Chagall - life and death in flight." It was developed by request of... doesn't metter.

The result you can see at:

It was necessary to mark up on the given design and add animation.

It is said that the first slide is not mine. It did just a couple of edits. Therefore, it is done using CAAT-framework and, respectively, on canvas. The remaining slides, my contribution is more. :) As possible, I tryed to implement the animation through transition.

Had done so quickly, so you can see the flaws (but not only this and it's better to keep silence).

cssTransition, html5, shagal, mid, work

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