PhoneGap - simple and with a tambourine...

It so happened that the last couple of months I've been developing mobile applications based on PhoneGap. But only for android before. The rest is yet to come. :)

Knowing JS you can quickly (or not) do something. And if you already have experience of developing for mobile browsers, then the more you know what to expect.

But as usual, not everything went smoothly. It is said that support is needed android devices since version 2.3.6.

And what we get if we develop for android version 4.x only - no problems.

But as soon as the "battle" takes Version 2.3.6 - begin dancing with a tambourine. Precisely for my case is was:

  • determination of the size of the screen (when the keyboard is open)
  • working with plug-in for NFC (read-only data required to NFC tags)
  • and special thanks to the canvas, which is when resizing (when you turn the device) loses its transparency, and starts standing on the background of the first to show that it was painted after resizing.

The solution is not clear, but easy - after resize event and redraw, you must do:

canvas.width = canvas.width;

Thereafter, canvas returns to its normal state. :)

In general - convenient and pleasant. But the speed of the canvas I was not pleased.

For comparison, there is one and the same code using JS canvas, which can be seen as a mobile browser and and as an application. it on Google Play
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