Don't speak with your pc. :)

About the computer voice control, I know for a long time, and not just from hearsay. Even once I tried. But it was a very long time ago and it worked poor.

A week ago, I’ve watched the video about Elite Dangerous game with VoiceAttack – player has spoken with the ship and I was pleasantly confused. Of course, when I found more information, it became clear that not all so well. Speech was beautiful, but in fact there is not a dialogue, it’s a monologue (or more precisely – voice commands). But for all who did it - huge respect. And it's not only about Elite Dangerous and VoiceAttack developers, but additionally to ASTRA developers.

As a result, when I understood that the voice commands was not recorded before and voice recognition are used, I decided to try voice control again.

Half an hour for teaching my computer to recognize my awful english, and computer started understand me and do what I want. Wowwww! For now, sometimes I can forget about keyboard and mouse and just give commands… even something, not someone. :)

P.s. Would be good to teach my cat listen me. :)

And of course, one of the videos:

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