Учи то, что тебе надо (Pro) - итоги

Как и планировалось, новая версия приложения уже в google play. Я пытался сделать аналогичную версию, без добавления новых функций, что бы эксперимент получился более точным.

Новая версия бесплатная и пока-то ещё без всякой рекламы :). В будущем я конечно обновлю её, добавлю новый функционал (благо идеи уже имеются).

А теперь, попробуем подвести итоги. Именно из-за этого и разрабатывалось две  ...

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Learn what you want

"Learn what you want" - this is another experiment.

The main point of all this work is to create simple app for Android based on cordova and webix. And not just create but get time values that was spent for this. :)

At the beginning, what I'd got:

The application for learning foreign words.

Key features:

  • the application has wordbooks;
  • each wordbook are being filled with words by user. During developing...
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New application for Android users

Now, I’ve made game “Tic-tac-toe squared”. It’s not just simple tic-tac-toe game, cause it’s extended version of it. Where each cell of game field are another game field. And, in what field player have to do next turn depends on the last turn another player.

From technical point, application was built on C++ with cocos2d v2.2.6. It’s not the latest version, but it was not important for me. The...

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Audio and video player for urturn.

One task that was created during last week is media-player for urturn. It allow to play audio and video tracks. Good design and good implementation done this job. As result - I'm love it.

Example for audio-track you can find here:

To see exaples with video, please surf urturn's pages. :) I'm so lazy.

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What did Mark go?

Something to remember: Ones a child, on the solo performances of the KVN team, asked the question "Where are Marc Chagall?". On the next time, when he repeat question, he was asked - "What did Mark go"... (note: it's just russian wordplay) Hall "exploded" with laughter, the team response are no longer required...

One of the projects in development which I took part, it's - information project "Marc...

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