The tiger in our country leads mainly twilight life: though he also hunts at any time, but most often after a sunset and in the first half of night, and then at sunrise. Tigers transfer a heat badly and in India, for example, for hunting usually come on a sunset and hunt all night long, slowly bypassing grounds on tracks.

Each tiger has the individual site in the territory of which he also hunts. The area of such site is various in different areas of the globe and depends first of all on quantity of a game: the above its density, the smaller site can provide a tiger with food and vice versa.

On a tree it is barked at the height up to 250 cm. On these tags it is possible to judge the sizes of the tiger who left them. Besides, tigers leave special odorous tags urine and excrement.

Tigers use mainly two methods of hunting: creeping and from an ambush, and the first way is applied more often in the winter, and the second in the summer. Predators trap hoofed animals on the tracks conducting to watering places, solonetzic soils, places of greasings. Quite often hide directly at solonetzic soils, waiting for elks and roes and other. At a podkradyvaniye, the tiger skillfully uses each fold of the district, moving ahead silently and is reserved. Looking out for production, the tiger usually goes on the crest of ridge, from where both slopes are visible to it. In the winter these predators willingly use roads and tracks, often moving on ice of the frozen rivers. Having noticed an animal, the tiger starts creeping to him alee. It that is stolen, dropping to the earth, moves ahead small careful steps, and even creeps on a belly; having taken some steps, stops - and so many time... In the winter traces and lezhka of this predator approaching the victim even become covered by an ice crust from a long immovability of an animal. Sometimes the tiger manages to approach the victim on 5-6 m, i.e. at the length of one jump, however more often he should begin attack from 10-15, and even with 30-35 m. The pursued animal overtakes a predator several huge jumps is the promptest way of run at a tiger. Being the beautiful walker, the tiger won't begin to pursue production long. If the animal leaves, the tiger stops prosecution.

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