Females become sexually mature in three years, males - in four. Techka at tigresses happens at all seasons of the year, and then a forest jungle is disclosed by a roar of suffering males.

Adult males of a constant den, as a rule, have no and have usually a rest near the production. The tigress suits a den for tiger cubs in the most remote and, thereby, the safest place. It approaches a den carefully, trying to leave less traces. The same den the female takes many years in a row, in case of her death the become empty dwelling is occupied often by other tigress.

Pregnancy lasts 3,5 months, usually in one brood the tigress has 2-4 cubs, seldom one, is even more rare - to seven. It would seem, not such a bad issue. But it is necessary to consider that the tigress usually gives birth to cubs once in three years. Young tigers live with mother of 2-3 years, and sometimes and till 5 years. Besides, from 10-20 of her descendants a half usually perishes at early age.

Tiger cubs are born blind and helpless, their weight (at the Amur tigers) only 0,8-1 kg. They begin to see clearly usually for 5-10 day. Tiger cubs quickly grow. For 12-15 day start creeping on a den. For 35-36 day - lick meat. They feed on mother's milk till 5-6 months. The first 2 months tiger cubs grow only on milk. Then they gradually get used to meat. But the tigress all the same for a long time (on some supervision, 13-14 months) feeds up them milk.

Mother for a long time one doesn't leave little tiger cubs. But already by the end of the first year of life of kids, starts leaving far.

Tigress - careful mother. Ability to track down a game, to approach it and to kill is not a congenital form of behavior, but result of training of tiger cubs by mother, ways and to methods of hunting.

So far tiger cubs absolutely small, mother doesn't admit the father to them close. But later, the tiger comes to the family from time to time. J. Shaller saw an adult tiger, once two tigresses and four tiger cubs who it is quite friendly, without quarrels, a fir-tree of one bull. Another time the tigress and four tiger cubs had dinner when there was an adult tiger. He was obviously hungry and greedy looked at production. However patiently I waited aside until kids gorged on. And only then itself I began to eat.

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