Roar and voice

It appeared that these striped predators are capable to make sounds of very low frequency which enter the victim into a condition of a trance. Scientists found out that tigers use infrasounds also to frighten the production.

The tigerish roar can instantly enter other animal, and even the person, into a condition of a temporary katalepsiya. Zoologists who studied behavior of tigers during hunting came to such conclusions.

Scientists of research Institute of Zoology in the State of North Carolina found out that the roar of a tiger can be so low on frequency that the human ear isn't capable to hear it. However thus the animal publishes infrasounds which influence mentality of the victim. And as a result, the victim falls into the state similar to paralysis. And though effect only a few seconds last, the predator manages to snatch on the victim and to kill it. It was also established that tigers can growl thus and during the movement that gives them the chance to distract attention of potential production.

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